30 Eye Catching Colourful Tattoos That Will Make You Get Inked

  • Thinking about getting a tattoo? You’re at the right place. In this post, we’ll show you over 30 colorful tattoo designs to get your creative engines rolling. Browse through the photos, and pick something that you feel connected to. You can use these photos for inspiration, and come up with your own designs as well!

  •  Don’t pick something off randomly; find something that connects to your soul.  A tattoo is forever, and it is literally inked in your skin so make sure it doesn’t just look nice, it means something as well.

  • Scroll on and enjoy peeps.
  • 1Do whatever sets you fre
  • 2A feeling of comfort resides in here
  • 3You’re my gummy bear

  • 4You’re a flower, a blessing

  • 5Enhance your hearing

  • 6Bold and full of faith

  • 7Throwback to childhood days

  • 8The North Remembers

  • 9Remembering all our childhood celebs

  • 10The shoulder you can rely upon

  • 11Blooming butterflies

  • 12Entrance to her heart

  • 13An untold story

  • 14A sneak peek at wonderland

  • 15Fly away

  • 16The power rested in me by mother nature

  • 17Deer oh deer

  • 18Azlan, the almighty

  • 19Just like a flightless bird

  • 20Fury is ours

  • 21Slow and steady through the race of life

  • 22To the moon and back

  • 23Handcuffed by art

  • 24Traditions on my skin

  • 25Open up to the world

  • 26It’s all about the colors in you

  • 27Pick a flower

  • 28Officially a Cat woman now

  • 29Life of a vegan

  • 30Be your own motivation

  • 31Wiser than all of you

  • 32Don’t go for everything that looks pretty

  • 33They call me the raptor

  • 34Explore your innerself

  • 35Every human is like an open book

  • 36The queen of Dragons

  • 37Deeper than your sorrows

  • 38As dark as your soul

  • 39Sharp and mysterious

  • 40Magical pleasures

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