30 Hot Almond Shaped Nails Colors To Get You Inspired To Try


How almond shaped nails are different from other nail shapes? It is the first thing we need to discuss before we proceed with nail art ideas. A nail in the shape of an almond is somewhat slender on both sides and also wide at its base. And it looks like an actual almond. Why try this nail shape? Well, firstly, this shape provides much space for creativity. And secondly, this nail shape is quite practical – you won’t break it as easily as, for example, stiletto nails. So, you should definitely try it. And on our part, we will help you discover the freshest nail art ideas suitable for your new favorite nail shape.

Red And Burgundy Nails

Burgundy and red nails are always associated with self-confidence and sex appeal. And that’s exactly what is in trend this season. And the best thing is that you can sport red nail designs disregarding your nail shape and length – such nail lacquer will embellish any nails.

Red Almond Nails With Cold Gold Glitter #glitternails #rednails

Source: kwiatuszu via Instagram

Matte And Glossy Burgundy Nails #mattenails #glossynails #glitternails

Source: margaritasnailz via Instagram

Matte Red Heart Nail Art #mattenails #rednails

Source: y.zueva.nail via Instagram

Timeless Nudes

Nudes will never go out, and that is a fact. Why? Well, soft peach, pink, and coffee are never inappropriate because these hues are natural. Plus, the mani in such shades is not difficult to maintain. Nothing but advantages!

Matte Nude Nails With Glitter #mattenails #nudenails #glitternails

Source: martini__nails via Instagram

Nude Nails With RHinestones And Chrome Accents #chromenails #rhinestonesnails

Source: alinahoyonailartist via Instagram

Pure Nude Almond Nails #nudenails #simplenails

Source: carla.rafaele via Instagram

Gold and Silver Accents

Add some gold if you wish your manicure to become more glammed up. Gold accents are perfect if you don’t wish to go wild with your mani this time, yet, you would like it to be not boring at all. The deal with gold is perfect!

Gold Glitter Ombre #glitternails #ombrenails

Source: kwiatuszu via Instagram

Nude Pink Nails With Silver Accents #mattenails #pinknails

Source: matuszewsk.a via Instagram

Almond Nails With Glitter Accented Finger #accentsnails #glitternails

Source: puro.nails via Instagram

Blue Shades

Blue offers us a big number of miraculous hues, from sky blue to deep blue to glittery blue. Experiment and mix the hues and textures for a totally cool manicure.

Blue Shades picture 1

Source: celinaryden via Instagram

Blue Nails With Abstracted Pattern #bluenails #longnails #goldfoilnails

Source: katrinn07 via Instagram

Blue Marble Nail Art #marblenails #bluenails

Source: pomalowanki_iwona_wilk via Instagram

Green Almond Shaped Nails

Although green is considered to be the color of envy, when it comes to nail designs in green, that statement refers to those looking at your manicure. You are totally fabulous, so let them go green with envy!

Matte Green Nail Design #mattenails #greennails

Source: matuszewsk.a via Instagram

Green Glitter Nail Design #glitternails #greennails

Source: smnailz via Instagram

Green Almond Shaped Nails picture 3

Source: natdhanails via Instagram

Elegant White Almond Nails

Pure Pearly White Nails #whitenails #pearlynails

Source: nelia_nails_ch via Instagram

White Almond Nails With Silver Dandelion #whitenails #glitternails

Source: loveeffectnails via Instagram

Elegant White Almond Nails picture 3

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Different Purple Shades

Holographic Purple Nail Design #purplenails #holonails

Source: agalorynowicz via Instagram

Pure Lilac Nails #purenails #lilacnails

Source: malgorzata_jankowska_indigo via Instagram

Metallic Purple Nail Design #metallicnails #purplenails

Source: agalorynowicz via Instagram

Beige And Cognac Almond Nails

Matte Beige Nails With Accented Finger #rhinestonesnails #mattenails

Source: shuey_cortez via Instagram

French Fade With Floral Nail Art #ombrenails #flowersnails

Source: _mejzi via Instagram

French Fade Nail Design #frenchfadenails #ombrenails

Source: nelia_nails_ch via Instagram

Winter Grey Almond Shaped Nails

A grey color can enhance the beauty of many nail shapes, including almond. Grey will make your manicure dress-code-passing. And if you wish to rock it, add some gem accents.

Winter Grey Almond Shaped Nails picture 1

Source: lauren_marshmallow via Instagram

Winter Grey Almond Shaped Nails picture 2

Source: nail_sunny via Instagram

Grey And Pink Nail Art #greynails #pinknails

Source: studiourodyimago via Instagram

Classic Black Nails

As we observed the runway trends, we noticed that this season, designers and nail artists embraced the darkness and cold by turning to black as a major theme in the hottest nail designs.

Matte Black NAils With Gradient Flowers #mattenails #ombrenails

Source: matuszewsk.a via Instagram

Classic Black Nails picture 2

Source: nail_sunny via Instagram

Black Rhinestones Nail Art #blacknails #rhinestonesnails

Source: nails_in_my_world via Instagram

Time doesn’t stay still, come back for a fresh update any time you decide that you have tried it all!

Main photo by matuszewsk.a

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